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Toybox is where post-production, animation and design is blended seamlessly with live-action to create attention grabbing motion-graphics, amazing character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. Check it out.

The Gulf

A six part series about how a police officer's personal and professional life starts to unravel when she is involved in a fatal car accident. DoPs Dave Cameron and Ginny Loane worked with Toybox Post to create project specific LUTS and tailored colour grades for each episode. Scenes were enhanced at with seamless visual effects including photo-real digital water simulations.

Production Company
The Gulf Productions / Screentime
Charlie Haskell, Gaysorn Thavat, Robert Sarkies
Andrew Brown
VFX Artist
Leoni Willis
CG Animation
Evgeny Glazyrin
Colour Assist / Data
Zarni Saw

Many of the scenes in the films were enhanced at with seamless visual effects, including photo-real digital water simulations for the underwater shots in addition to vehicle and background imagery replacement. Invisible visual effects by VFX artist Leoni Willis produced a stark yet beautiful final image.