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Toybox is where post-production, animation and design is blended seamlessly with live-action to create attention grabbing motion-graphics, amazing character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. Check it out.

New Zealand Opera

The brief! To evoke the power and passion of opera.

Our animation director, Andrew Newland, worked with agency FEDERATION to devise 4 vignettes, each in a different animation style and highlighting a unique human emotion, which together illustrate the wide palette and sheer power of opera as an art form.

These different animation styles, from a photo-real face to half-tone illustration, were stitched together to form a seamless, continuous experience.

Through the eye of our opera viewer we begin a journey from reality to literal flights of fantasy.

Liquid Studios recorded with four of NZ Opera's top singers to provide the incredible re-arrangement and sound mix.

Toybox Producer
Vicki O'Leary
Toybox Animation Director
Andrew Newland
Toybox CG Supervisor
Suraj Nayak
NZ Opera
Music & Sound Mix
Liquid Studios