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Toybox is where post-production, animation and design is blended seamlessly with live-action to create attention grabbing motion-graphics, amazing character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. Check it out.

Great Barrier Census 2023

We loved the simplicity of this idea for the Great Barrier Census — highlighting the key message of the campaign while also showing the beauty of this incredible ecosystem through one slow push into an iris made of coral.

For our animated reef, assets were built in a procedural way; a different 'recipe' for each species. This meant we could make unique variations of each coral as needed almost instantly and create a rich and diverse underwater world, just as the Great Barrier Reef should be.

By viewing images of the Great Barrier Reef people all over the world can help provide data that indicates the health of a reef and ultimately helps towards its survival. This was a worldwide science project that we wanted to be a part of! You can use your screentime to help protect the reef at

Rethink Everything
Production Company
Toybox Producer
Nanette Miles
Toybox Animation Director
Andrew Newland
Toybox CG Supervisor
Suraj Nayak
Toybox VFX
Leoni Willis