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Aotearoa / New Zealand

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Toybox is where post-production, animation and design is blended seamlessly with live-action to create attention grabbing motion-graphics, amazing character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. Check it out.

Delivereasy Brand Launch

The moment we read these scripts we were hooked. It wasn’t only the outrageous humour; everything from the Slim Aarons aesthetic and to the quirky animation style had us drooling with excitement.

So we grabbed our embarrassingly large collection of figurines from around the studio and developed a method of animating these spots quickly, while also allowing us the ability to refine the action performances and do justice to the gloriously wonky dialogue.

Toybox Producer
Nanette Miles
Toybox Animation Director
Andrew Newland
Toybox Animator
Markus Kristensen
Toybox CGI Supervisor
Suraj Nayak

Animation was done in 3D, but animated ‘on 2s’ to give us the stop motion style. The mouths were animated in 2D and plasted right over the 3D characters faces.

We deliberately introduced a few moments of 'noise' to give us an even more pronounced hand-animated feel. As well as adding scratches and ‘thumbprints’ to the characters to give them that well-loved, kids toy feel.

A lot of fun. Would recommend.