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Toybox is where post-production, animation and design is blended seamlessly with live-action to create attention grabbing motion-graphics, amazing character animation and complex photo-real visual effects. Check it out.

Air New Zealand Safety Video 2020

In collaboration with Air New Zealand and PitchBlack Partners, Toybox was delighted to have the opportunity to work on the latest In Flight Safety Video, 'Journey To Safety'. The video tells the story of a young girl who transports Mr T, a lost takahe to his new home with help from Air New Zealand and the NZ Department of Conservation, all while conveying the important message that our native birds need our help and are in the grip of a biodiversity crisis.

Agency / Production Co
PitchBlack Partners
Josh Frizzell
Animation Director
Andrew Newland
VFX Artist
Leoni Willis
Andrew Brown

The appearance of the takakē was thoroughly researched. The Toybox animation team visited Auckland Zoo to gather first hand reference of actual takahē feathers to exactly replicate the appearance and movements of the bird.